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Can a Greenhouse Be in the Shade

Alright, so you’ve got all the materials you need to build your very own greenhouse. You’re excited to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, seedlings, and all sorts of other little plants- but you do have one problem. There’s more shade than direct sunlight in your backyards? So, can a greenhouse be in the shade? Greenhouses are meant…


Can A Shed Be Attached To The House

Do you find that your house is constantly filled with clutter? Then it is probably time to invest in a shed on your property for some additional storage. But if you have a small property, or maybe a tight budget, you may be asking if it is possible to attach a shed to your home….


Does A Shed Increase Home Value

If you have a lot of clutter around your home, you may be considering investing in building a shed on your property for some additional storage. You may be worried about how this will impact the value of your home. It most certainly will have an impact; the question is how much of one? And…


Will a Shed Roof Support My Weight

Are you planning to felt your shed roof? Sheds are often temporary structures that help secure your personal belongings and provide a stable work environment for common household projects. Because a shed roof has a different construction than a permanent structure, you may be hesitant to try out your weight on the roof when making…


Does a Shed Have to Sit on Concrete

Storage sheds are most stable with a concrete foundation, but concrete is not the only kind of base a shed can sit on. Other kinds of shed foundations include gravel and wood. Does a Shed Have to Sit on Concrete? Sheds can sit on a concrete foundation, stone foundation, wooden foundation, or on gravel. Depending…


Can You Felt a Shed Roof in the Rain

You want to make sure that a shed that contains your valuable personal belongings is waterproof, roof to floor. One of the most effective ways to prevent unnecessary leaks and water exposure on your shed roof is to incorporate a roof felt panel that helps your shed’s roof breathe. Attaching felt to your shed’s roof…


Can a Rubbermaid Shed be Painted

Are you planning to redesign your Rubbermaid shed? Has multiple painted Rubbermaid shed ideas that you see on personal production sites tempting you to try your own hand at painting your plastic storage area? Painting on plastic is much more difficult than other surfaces because, without the right paint, it may not stick. So, can…


Do all Sheds Need a Foundation

A shed is a sacred workplace and storage area where you may work on current projects to make your home more functional and beautiful, and where you may hold some of your most coveted belongings. You do not want a shed that has structural damage after a short period of time or a shed that…


Does a Shed Require a Building Permit

Depending on the size of the shed, you may be required to get a building permit. The zoning of the land, the area you live in, and the type of storage shed will all determine what kind of permits are required. Does your shed require a building permit? Building a shed usually requires a building…


Does a Shed Roof Need an Overhang

If you have just started thinking about a new shed project or need a proper place to store your beloved personal belongings, you are going to want your shed built right. Great protection starts with a solid foundation. Protection is complete when a safe, enclosed space is sealed and protected from harmful outdoor elements. So,…