Should a Garden Pond Be in the Sun or Shade


If you’ve been dreaming of a clean, beautiful garden pond with a thriving ecosystem, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Most likely, those questions have to do with size, what kinds of fish you can have, and what kinds of plants you can grow. But be careful- you might be overlooking a very important … Read more

When Should I Clean my Garden Pond


A garden pond is a wonderful addition to any home and backyard. However, many questions just when and how you should attempt to clean a garden pond. Clean your garden pond about once a year. In fact, it is not a good idea to clean your pond more than once a year. If you are … Read more

How Small Can a Garden Pond Be


One of the most critical factors you can consider is pond size when working with a garden pond. Pond size will determine what kinds of fish you can have in your pond, what climate it will be best in, and how often you’ll need to maintain it. But how small is the smallest possible garden … Read more

Can I Have A Pond In My Front Garden


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How Deep Should a Garden Pond Be


Having a pong in your garden is a spectacular experience. Nothing compares to the sounds of crickets chirping by the water and little fish eating bugs off the pound’s surface. But how deep does a pond have to be to accommodate these fish? How far into the soil should you dig for your garden pond? … Read more