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  • Date: May 27, 2022
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Do you have a bike? If so, do you have a place to store it? If not, it might be time to consider investing in a storage shed. But with so many different sheds on the market, how can you know which one is the best storage sheds for bikes?

A few things to consider when looking for the best storage sheds for bikes. The first is size – you’ll want a shed that is large enough to comfortably hold your bikes. Next, you’ll need to consider ventilation – adequate ventilation will prevent your bikes from rusting. Next to consider is, the security of the shed and finally, you’ll want to consider the price.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best storage sheds for bikes and help you decide which one is right for you.

Buying the Best Bike Storage Shed

It is important to store anything of value somewhere safe. There are a lot of key factors that go into choosing something that will keep your bikes dry and away from the elements. Some factors that are important definitely start with size.

You need to make sure that you measure the bikes you need to store to ensure that you buy one that will accommodate what you are needing. The average adult bike dimensions are below to give you a rough idea about the space you’ll need.

Average Adult Bike Dimensions

Another factor is the type of lid. There are some designs that allow you to have a shed to open from multiple angles, including the roof. Make sure that you take inventory to see if you need a shed that will need to be accessed from the top.

A factor that may in come into play after you get it all set up is the size. If you do not have a big backyard then you should probably look into a small design if you are worried about it getting in the way. Some storage sheds are just needed for one thing or a few small things to protect from the elements and they’re designed a little shorter or taller, sometimes wider or slimmer.

Best Storage Sheds for Bikes Reviews

All these bike storage sheds are great for different reasons. It all depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is. We’ve provided a mix of different types of bike storage sheds so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

BEST overall
Rubbermaid Slide-Lid
  • Resin storage shed
  • Sliding roof with double swing doors for easy access
  • Can fit 3 adult bikes
  • The door can be locked – Lock not included
  • Inside Dimensions: 52”x72”x 42” (WxLxH)
BEST FOR 3 adult bikes
Rubbermaid Large Resin Storage Shed
  • Resin storage shed
  • front door access
  • Can fit 3 adult bikes
  • The door can be locked – Lock not included
  • Inside Dimensions: 55”x76”x 77” (WxLxH)
BEST FOR 3 adult bikes
Bosmere Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Shed
  • Wooden storage shed
  • Wooden double swing doors for easy access
  • Can fit 3 adult bikes
  • The door can be locked – Lock not included
  • Inside Dimensions: 72”x32”x 64” (WxLxH)
BEST FOR 4 adult bikes
Arrow Yardsaver Lean-to Shed
  • Steel lean-to storage shed
  • Steel double swing doors for easy access
  • Can fit 4 adult bikes
  • The door can be locked – Lock not included
  • Inside Dimensions: 48”x84”x 64” (WxLxH)
BEST for 2 adult bikes
YardStash Bike Outdoor Storage
  • Polyester storage shed tent
  • Zipped door
  • Can fit 2 adult bikes
  • The Zipped door can be locked – Lock not included
  • Portable & easily assembled.
  • Inside Dimensions: 30″x74″x65″ (WxLxH)

Bike Storage Extras

Here are just a couple of other things commonly bought with these items.

Rubbermaid Slide Lid Resin Outdoor Bike Storage

This outdoor storage unit is built with double walls for durability. It is leak, dent and weather resistant and is perfect for year-round use. The sliding lid is for easy access so you can get to your items inside. The rollers allow the lid to easily slide back so you can get to the back of the shed easily if you need to.

There are 8 wall anchors that are included for easy customization. With a heavy-duty impact-resistant floor included, you are well-equipped to be able to hold all your outside toys and equipment. The Rubbermaid Outside Storage unit is short enough to fit under the standard fence heights but still has ample enough room to accommodate your bikes and some gardening tools.

You can keep up to four bicycles in this shed. There are 8 included wall anchors that allow you to easily organize smaller belongings inside the storage unit by adding pegboards, shelving, or rack components. Built with weather-resistant material, it protects all of your items from moisture, inclement weather, and sun damage. Another storage unit that won’t rust or rot from the outer elements.

The shed’s dimensions are 72 x 14 x 45 inches and I highly recommend placing it on a flat base or foundation to ensure the longevity of the structure.

Overall a truly great pic, especially if you need it for a few bike and garden equipment.

Ample space that will allow you to accommodate many bikes.
Wall hangers are included so you easily organize smaller belongings.
Weather-resistant material to protect against sun, dust, and rain.
The unique sliding lid gives easy access to inside
10-year Limited Warranty
Slid lid design is not the best idea and is somewhat inconvenient.
Not very easy to put together.
The roof is not the best feature and can to sink in.

Rubbermaid Large Resin Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid Large Resin Storage Shed is perfect for those who want to preserve yard or patio space with a smaller footprint.

The slim design makes it safe to store gardening supplies, such as bags of soil, pots, long-handled gardening tools, and more. The Shed is also designed for long-term durability with tough, double-wall resin construction and an impact-resistant floor.

If you are looking for great storage that will not only hold your bikes but other gardening tools then this has to be it. The shed is also weather and leak-resistant, making it perfect for year-round use. For a customizable storage solution, the Large Resin Storage Shed also includes pegboards, shelving, utility hooks, tool and sports racks.

There are 3 shed sizes to choose from; 5x2ft, 5x4ft, and 5x6ft size available that come in two different colors, roughneck or sandstone. If you are looking to place your bike in it then the 5×6 ft is better suited for this.

The sheds are weatherproof and have the leak-resistant floor so you don’t have to worry about your stored belongings. Perfect for storing garden tools, sports equipment, and of course, your bikes!

Works for light storage
Multi-walled resin panels are engineered for long last durability.
Easy installation with clear understanding and follow directions.
Can fit 3 bikes inside maybe 4
A little expensive

Bosmere Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor Garden

The Bosmere Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable storage unit is the perfect storage unit for storing bikes, outdoor toys, pool accessories, and gardening equipment. The double doors on the front are lockable to help protect your possessions.

The storage unit is built from 1/2 inch shiplap cladding that has a dipped honey-brown finish.

It is the ideal storage solution for your outdoor space. You have easy access with the over 50-foot wide double door opening, making it functional and practical to keep your outside accessories in. It is equipped with a weatherproof mineral felt roof and is pressure-treated timber to ensure a long life.

The shed is ready for easy home assembly and comes with comprehensive instructions so you don’t need more than two people. This storage unit comes with a 10-year rot-free warranty and a limited 12-month warranty against manufacturer defects.

lockable storage unit
Double legged and braced doors
Weatherproof mineral roof and pressure treated timber
Comprehensive instructions included
Could fit 3 adult bikes
Light-weight makes it seem flimsy

Arrow Yardsaver

The Arrow Yardsaver is sturdy and reliable 4 ft by 7ft lean-to metal shed. It is constructed of galvanized steel and treated with zinc to resist corrosion and rust. The double swing doors provide you with an entryway that easily removes items.

The outdoor storage complements a variety of home exteriors so you don’t have to worry about redoing your backyard or the shed.

It features a pad-lockable door so you can protect your items.

The metal shed comes constructed with electro-galvanized steel that is pretreated with zinc so it has a strong resistance to corrosion and rust. The steel panels that are installed on the side are UV resistant to help protect against rotting, any insects, and any extreme weather conditions.

The designed roof slope is to help reduce any possible water pooling around and gives you easy access of tall yard equipment and helps you take inventory from the top. The palette of the shed comes in a neutral eggshell color that compliments every yard and home. You can also purchase floor kits separately to change up when you feel like it or just make the shed a bit comfier. A 12-year limited is included so you can be confident in the quality of your purchase.

While most ranted and raved about this shed and how they loved it, others did not have the same experience. Most suggestions were made to have a lawyer on standby if you were completing this shed with your spouse. Oops!

Double swing doors provide an easy entryway and removal of items.
The door is pad-lockable.
Can fit multiple bikes inside
12 Year Limited Warranty
Not an easy shed to put together and instructions are not the clearest.
The pieces feel flimsy.

The Yardstash Heavy Duty Portable Bike Storage

This storage shed for your bicycles is a quick and easy setup where you can put it together and take it down in less than 10 minutes.

There are no tools required to build this tent with its portable multi-purpose storage. This affordable, versatile, and portable sized shed is perfect to pop up in the backyard for quick storage and space-saving.

A rugged large rubber top is supported by a bottom with zippers that have storm flaps for easy access. There is full protection against dust, water, and pests. The sealed seams and a new patented snow shedding roof design offer full protection.

Everything comes with a nice little storage bag that makes it convenient to pack up and go when needed. It is much more convenient for protecting a bike than simple tarp or cover would do. The inside has a bathtub effect and depth of about 4 inches that is watertight and can keep out water.

If space is an issue or you want something a bit more portable then this 74 x 30 x 65 inches bike storage is ideal. Sadly its size means you can only fit about 1 adult bike in comfortably, 2 adult bikes at a squeeze.

Very well-made bike tent, thick, and feels sturdy.
Plastic coated canvas that keeps things dry even after a downpour.
Perfect for one bike or small backyard tools that do not need a lot of space.
Portable and lightweight, 
The roof doesn’t really offer much support and there are no support poles on the sides
Zippers can break easily if you are not careful.
Can hold one bike, maybe two at a squeeze.

Choosing the Best Bicycle Storage Shed for You

Despite really being all built for the same thing, holding bicycles, all storage sheds are not built equally. When researching bike storage sheds to store your bicycles in, it is important that you take into account what you will be using it for, what weather conditions may be like in your area, and if it will accommodate as far as size.


Storage sheds are built with varying sizes depending on what you are needing to store in them. There are compact solutions that are available for one or two bikes. If you have more than one bike or are looking into something that can store some yard tools, a larger shed would be best to invest in. You will have to spend more and make sure that you have the backyard room so it does not get too crowded.


Along with size, sheds come built with many different materials. There are sheds equipped of wood, metal, plastic and flexible vinyl. There really is not a “best” material but each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. While plastic sheds are adversed to rust, they may not be as secure. If you purchase a wooden shed, you will need to  treat it so it does not rot. The vinyl material is lightweight and flexible but is not the most secure. Metal sheds are the most durable and offer the most security but tend to be more expensive and difficult to put together.


The price points vary on purchasing storage sheds for bicycles but it boils down to the materials it’s made with. The cheaper end options are tent-like vinyl and the options go all the way up to pre-treated wood or heavy metal. You get what you pay for.

FAQ: Best Storage Sheds for Bikes

Is there a way I can lock my bike storage unit?

Yes, most of these come with the capability of adding a padlock to the storage unit so it can be locked. No storage unit comes with a lock.

Is assembly required?

Yes. Most of these storage sheds will require 2 people at least to assist.

How long do these take to put together?

Depending on how the instructions are put together, how many people you have, and what your day looks like, some sheds take 2 hours to 4 days to install. While this is a big gap in time, it will solely rely on the instructions being followed, how many people are helping put it together, how many screws come with it, and the tools.

Will my bike get ruined by rain?

No, your bike should be safe. The designs of the storage unit are meant to keep out any water from rain, prevent sun damage, and protect against any other elements.

Will my bike fit in here? How many can I fit in here?

Since every bike is sized differently due to being used for different activities, it is best that you measure out the bikes you want to store in the shed and make sure the measurements can accommodate them.

Is the floor sturdy enough to keep up over time?

It would really depend on what you are storing in your shed. Some sheds also are used to accommodate other yard tools and may not hold up over a long period of time unless you get additional support for flooring like concrete.

Final Thoughts

So, what are the best storage sheds for bikes? We looked at 5 top outdoor secure bike sheds. Each of them had its own set of features, that are perfect for different situations.

They are all suitable for bikes, they all can be secured with a lock, they are all well ventilated and weather proof. All i all they are all suitable for your backyard bike shed needs.

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