Should a BBQ Be Covered


You’ve spent years putting away little pieces of paychecks, cooking on a cheap charcoal grill in the backyard, waiting for this day to come- now, it’s finally here. You’ve got your brand new, state-of-the-art grill, and you’re ready to cook. But now that you’ve got the superior equipment, how can you keep it working smoothly? … Read more

Can A BBQ Grill Get Wet


As a master-griller, you may be a bit concerned about the care of your BBQ. This may be especially true if you live somewhere where it rains quite frequently. So, can your BBQ grill get wet? And is there anything you should do if it does get wet? The answer may surprise you. Can a … Read more

Do Grill Covers Prevent Rust


To a dedicated griller, a shiny new grill can feel almost as important as a newborn baby. You want to protect it, make sure it has everything it needs, and give it the right amount of cover for a long and glorious life. One of your biggest enemies will be rust. This has lots of … Read more

Should I Oil my BBQ Grill


People who love barbecuing take it very seriously. One of the biggest questions that plague the barbecue community is this: should people oil their grill or leave it un-oiled? There is no wrong answer when it comes to oiling your barbecue. You can either oil it or not, that is completely up to you and … Read more

Can a BBQ Propane Tank Freeze


Having an outdoor propane barbecue is one of the finest pleasures. There is nothing like having a wonderful, relaxed BBQ with friends on a warm summer night. But what happens when the weather turns cold? Can a BBQ propane tank freeze? A barbecue propane tank can freeze at extremely cold temperatures that you won’t come … Read more