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With all that’s going on in the world and the recent demand for home improvement projects, greenhouse setups are at the forefront of many family plans this spring. Likely, with renters and the housing market the way it is, greenhouse enclosures that can be easily installed, moved, and changed are going to continue to be the favorite among budding backyard agriculturalists. With so many options for portable greenhouse setups, choosing what’s best for you and your family might seem a little overwhelming.

To help with this, we have compiled a list of products, their descriptions, pros and cons, and a few choice words that other customers have had to say. All of these products are found at, come with shipping options, and product pictures. These additions should make it just a little bit easier to make an educated choice on the make, model, and size of your next portable greenhouse.

In this article, we are going to cover a handful of amazing options for your first (or latest) portable greenhouse enclosure. We’ll cover pros and cons for each setup, as well as helpful tips and tricks to make your experience that much easier later down the line

What Is The Best Portable Greenhouse

If you are looking for the best portable greenhouse kits then I have 5 here that you should seriously consider. A lot of people are looking for a portable greenhouse for winter and all these are perfect for keeping the frost away and giving your plants some extra protection and perfect growing conditions for both seedlings and fully matured plants.

These backyard portable greenhouses are perfect for growing plants, vegetables, and mushrooms. They are all typically smaller than a regular greenhouse and are made mostly using a steel frame for stability and covered with a UV protected polyethylene (PE) cover. Ventilation is important for a lot of plants so be sure to consider that when choosing one of these mini portable greenhouses.

Because these are only mini portable greenhouses they aren’t won’t have the same durability as a large permanent greenhouse outbuilding so weather factors are to be considered. It is recommended that they are anchored in place to help protect against the elements.

BEST overall
  • 6x8x7.6 Ft
  • Steel frame
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Anchors Included
  • Window Vent
BEST FOR harsh weather
  • 11.5 x 6.6 x 6.6 Ft
  • Steel frame
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Stakes to anchor down
  • Ventilation
  • 2.3 x 5 x 6.5 Ft
  • Steel frame
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Ropes & stakes included
  • Ventilation
Koksry: Portable Greenhouse
  • 2.5 x 4.6 x 6.3 Ft
  • Steel frame
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Ropes & stakes included
  • Zipped door for ventilation
BEST for budget
Deluxe Mini Walk-in Greenhouse
  • 4.6 x 4.6 x 6.4 Ft
  • Steel frame
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Ropes & stakes included
  • Ventilation

You might also need these for your mini portable greenhouse

Once you choose your perfect greenhouse you might want to consider some extras to help with the growing process. I have included a few different items you might want to include:

Only a few of my recommended portable greenhouses have shelves, you may need some if you wish to grow more. These 4 tier 35″ x 12″ x 42″ Shelves from Eagle Peak are ideal

Plant pots and growing trays
These reuseable plant pots and growing trays are ideal for seedlings and mature plants.

Growing kits
If you are looking for a great germination mat then you might want to take a look at this. If you are looking for an extra-light source that uses a different spectrum of color then this LED Grow Light Strip Kit is worth taking a look at

Potting soil
If you are looking for some potting soil then these multi-gallon grow Bags are also fabric pots with Handles. If you are just interested in the soil then Wonder Soil organic potting soil mix is a great nutritional option for your plants.

Greenhouse heater
You may want a controlled temperature within your portable greenhouse, if that’s the case then take a look at this iPower Electric Heater Fan, there are two options, one with a thermostat and one without.

Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse

To start this list, we’ve got the Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse in the size 8’ x 6’. Found on Amazon (much like most of this list), this greenhouse solution can be shipped to your door within a matter of days.

The setup is extremely easy to pop up and install, with very few (if any at all) tools needed. The greenhouse comes assembled in the box which sets it apart from most collapsible greenhouse options.

This greenhouse features a canopy-based roofing system, which means the shipping, siding materials, and joints are already put together for you. Setup is as easy as mapping out a place for the greenhouse to sit, opening the canopy, and draping the siding materials over the frame! Moving the structure and storing it is a cinch too, making it a hassle-free addition to your space whether inside your home or out.

The canopy frame design means that setting up your new greenhouse without the need for a friend is absolutely an option. It doesn’t have to be a big construction project when the work is done for you! The kit includes instructions for the setup of this greenhouse, and the locking mechanism that holds everything together will make your effort worth it for the long haul.

With the frame made from steel, the Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse provides a stable and sturdy environment for your plants without sacrificing the sleek look that steel provides, and the steel-ceiling roof means the space is durable enough to sustain most conditions you might find outdoors. 

The setup offers a walk-in design, meaning you can be up close and personal with the plants you grow without bending down or putting stress on your joints to get close to them. It also includes a zipper door that can roll up when not in use, making your movement in and out of your greenhouse that much easier.

best mini portable greenhouse for the money

For breathability, the design of the Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse offers two roll-up windows that can offer airflow throughout the entire setup. As most gardeners agree, stimulation through wind and movement helps the plants in immeasurable ways, and is almost important and the sun, water, and soil you use to grow!

Regardless of what kind of plants you plan to cultivate in your greenhouse, this portable setup can help to create an environment for you and your plants to thrive and flourish. A greenhouse is a micro-environment completely managed by you! The smaller the enclosure is, the more control you tend to have over things like heat distribution and water management. The Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse is the best of both worlds here, small enough to manage and big enough to move around in. Perfect!

If for whatever reason, your Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse is not to your liking, requires a fix or a replacement, Eagle Peak offers a 1-year sales protection from the date of purchase. While you may need to contact Eagle Peak directly for this level of support, it’s a great way to add peace of mind to your buying experience.

Based on reviews found on, the setup is sturdy, worth the money, and is as described, which is always a plus when shopping online.  The star rating averages out at 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Any negative review centers around the instability outdoors in severe weather. Though this kit includes anchors for outdoor use, a strong wind can still push this greenhouse around. It’s important to recognize your location and the spot which your greenhouse sits. Positioning your unit in a place with a lot of wind means a lot of readjusting throughout the season and a potential of losing your plants to an unpredictable whip of wind.

Overall verdict

The Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse offers an all-inclusive greenhouse experience, complete with the security and level of care that one should grow to accept in a well-constructed greenhouse kit. The assembly makes it easy to put up on your own, making those spring and summer projects something that you can do in your spare time in just a few minutes. The use and functionality of this greenhouse are endless, as its size and maneuverability, it allows for easy pickup and storage. All in all, a great first submission on a top 5 list!

Steel Frame
Easy one-person setup, comes with anchors
Easy to move and store when not in use
Walk-in design
Low maintenance
anchoring could be improved

What real owners say:

Good for Winter Protection!

“Amazing amount of space

“Easy to assemble with plenty of room

Quictent Portable Hot House Walk-in Greenhouse

A strong second on the list of the best portable greenhouses is another Amazon find. The Quictent Portable Greenhouse in the size Large presents as a primarily outdoor greenhouse setup.

It stands at an impressive 12’ x 7’ with a 7’ overhead, which by far is the largest in this list, and is intended for an all-encompassing walk-in experience.

With two doors on opposite ends of the setup, the entry points for this greenhouse are doubled and have the added benefit of opening both and letting in a cross breeze for easy plant stimulation.  Like we talked about before, having the proper airflow for your plants is vital to their happiness and growth. By having access in multiple ways the way that Quictent provides, users of this product have the convection needed to help your plants thrive and flourish in their environment.

Framing materials, similar to the Eagle Peak design, is a sturdy and durable steel frame structure providing stability and utility to the setup. The siding material is a breathable 2 layer system that includes 6 (3 on either side) mesh screens for venting and air circulation purposes, as well as a 100% waterproof over cover that allows air and stimuli to get in, but limits the moisture moving in and out. This protects against molds and other irritants. Plants, while extremely durable in some cases, can also be pretty vulnerable to even the most microscopic attacks. With the added security of these layers, predatory bugs and death-dealing colds can be staved off enough to last another season.

This greenhouse comes with added considerations too, like the limiting of UV rays which can fry your plants with too much exposure. This is extremely important because even though we might not think about it now, plants can get sunburnt just like us! There’s not really a sunscreen you can put on your foliage, so being able to manage your UV intake is a super convenient addition to any greenhouse set up, but especially one that is primarily intended for outdoor use.

best portable greenhouse for the money

Stability is one of the biggest additives for this structure, as the kit includes 8 bases and 16 stakes to keep the greenhouse in place. But also, Quictent includes an overly long cover to set over and around the setup, leaving extra material on both sides. Not only does this feature ensure a more airtight and watertight fit, but the intended use for the extra material is to bury or to otherwise weigh down with sandbags or other material, adding extra security to the bases and sides.

Overall verdict

The Quictent Portable Hot House is of the most bang for your buck deal found on the greenhouse side of Amazon. It offers a ton of amazing features for the price, and comes with a 1 year warranty for all the poles, a 6 month warranty for all the covers, and a lifetime warranty for any and all connectors. This serves as a great choice for any new or established backyard farmer.

The design offers a ton of great features aimed to help plants grow in health and happiness as the season progresses, and extends the grow season for many plants to ensure the best harvest possible. The Quictent Portable Hot House is a staple of outdoor portable greenhouses that will last and last if taken care of properly.

Durable Steel Frame
Double layered Covers and mesh
Built in stability considerations
Needs extra anchoring

What real owners say:

This is the best greenhouse ever for the price

“Amazing Investment!!

Eagle Peak Walk-in Greenhouse

We’re back with Eagle Peak making its second appearance on this list with the 61” x 28” x 79” walk-in set up. Featuring two 4 tier shelves, this small indoor/outdoor option provides ample space for a budding gardener.

Found on Amazon, this portable greenhouse ships to your home within a matter of days, and features an easy setup design that makes for hassle-free one-person construction.

No tools are necessary, though Eagle Peak recommends making sure all pieces fit together without gaps to ensure the best long-term functionality of this enclosure. As the seasons change, its small and compact design makes it easy to store and move for better utility in the frosty months.

The greenhouse frames and shelves are sturdy steel-coated pipes that allow for lightweight yet durable construction. The covers that Eagle Peak includes are a thick UV-protected plastic that traps and holds sunlight and heat to help your plants grow.

At its core, the utility for a greenhouse of this size and design is best suited for smaller apartments, balconies, backyards, and decks. The UV-resistant design allows the enclosure to be outside for long periods of time, but the size of the structure means it can be moved indoors at any time as well. The materials used in its design are easy to clean and easy enough to replace if needed. Customer care is always a plus for products like this!

Just like with its larger predecessor, this Eagle Peak design includes convenient roll-up doors to provide airflow and give you space to move and work, and feature two vent spaces on either side of the design to promote airflow and convection. Though this greenhouse is a little smaller than the previous two entries, this virtually pocket-sized greenhouse allows for the very best of the greenhouse experience without the need for a ton of available space.

best portable walk-in greenhouse for the money

Eagle Peak takes great pride in providing the best possible service and products to its customers, so feedback on these products is very well received. By documenting and reporting common issues or concerns you may have, you can help to improve the functionality and utility of the products purchased, as well as receive helpful tips and tricks on how to work around these issues.

The Eagle Peak Walk-in Greenhouse includes bases and anchors in its construction, and zip ties and ropes are included to tie down the covers provided. It’s important with most smaller greenhouse setups to determine the space in which the greenhouse is going to sit. Too much wind outside can lead to a loss of the plants you’re trying to grow or parts of the setup as a whole! If you live in a region with a lot of wind, or storms that can brew at the drop of a hat, it’s recommended you have an additional plan of attack when it comes to batten down your hatches. Tying your greenhouse down, stabilizing the place it sits, and bolstering the sides can all really make a difference in keeping your greenhouse upright.

Overall verdict

The smaller version of our number one on this list, the Eagle Peak Walk-in Greenhouse is a great indoor and outdoor option for plant storage and growth. Aesthetics and design are of the utmost importance to Eagle Peak, and just like with the last of their products listed, Eagle Peak offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase for this product. Eagle Peak is open to questions, common issues, and customer support, so open communication with the manufacturer of your Eagle Peak greenhouse is encouraged!

Sturdy design
Indoor/outdoor utility
Maximized solar energy usage
Easy to assemble
Stronger anchoring needed

What real owners say:

I’m in love with my Greenhouse!

“Buy this Greenhouse!

“This is one great-looking shed.

Koksry Portable Greenhouse

Another amazing Amazon product, the Koksry Portable Greenhouse is one that affords itself to the best of the best when it comes to indoor and outdoor use.

Arriving within days of purchase, this greenhouse employs a setup strategy without the need for tools.

The instructions for assembly are always included, and customer support is available for any questions a buyer may have.

This lightweight 56” x 30” x 76” construction is made from non-toxic, odorless, and corrosion-resistant eco-friendly polyethylene. The frame itself is made from reinforced tubular steel piping, allowing for heightened stability both inside and outdoors. The heat-retaining structure helps to extend growing seasons and aid in the protection and survival of your plants, even in less than stellar conditions.

Like others on this list, the Koksry Portable Greenhouse offers a rolled doorway to promote and establish a flow of air into your setup, allowing for stimulation of your plants and promoting growth.

Generally, for aesthetic purposes and for maximum heat retention, these kinds of setups come in just a handful of colors, including classic green and grey. This setup seems to have a green and a white one, and though more colors have yet to be found on Amazon, it’s possible more colors are available through the seller specifically if you have a certain vision in mind. They do have a customer support line for questions about purchasing, setup, troubleshooting, and more, so don’t hesitate to call!

best portable greenhouse for inside and outside growing seedlings

Bear in mind though, for specific functionalities of the greenhouse, certain colors might not be a viable option as it does less to produce the desired effect. Certain colors reflect in a way that is not conducive to plant growth or health, and as discussed earlier, plants can get sunburned if not managed properly.

Overall verdict

The Koksry Portable Greenhouse is an aesthetically pleasing, multi-functional plant station that allows for multiple plant types to be housed together. With the walk-in capability, moving around and working within the structure should be as easy as rolling up the zipper door to reveal lush and healthy plants.

Steel frame
Easy to move and set up
Available in a few colors
Stability outside might need a little improvement

What real owners say:

Good Startup Garden

“Wow! Better than expected!

Deluxe Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Last but certainly not least on this list, the Home-Complete Walk-In Greenhouse is an Amazon find with a regular and heavy-duty option.

This item comes with the ability to ship in original packaging or to hide the product details by shipping in Amazon packaging instead, for those who intend to gift the greenhouse setups.

Another easy to assemble kit, this Walk-in greenhouse doesn’t need any tools to complete setup. The construction includes a detailed instruction manual and the frame is held together by a connection of rods and hinges. Ropes and anchors are included for stability in the outdoor setups, and the stakes can be sunk in the ground to keep the house in place.

The kit includes 8 shelves and provides room for seedlings, sprouts, and growing plants. The roll-up door and breathable material used in fabricating the sides allow for easy in and out movement as you work, as well as a promotion of airflow no matter where you put the greenhouse.

This greenhouse is small enough that it can be placed either indoors or out. The clear cover allows for sunlight or grow lights to penetrate the house without pests or weather damaging your foliage, creating an ideal environment to grow your plants to fruition.

best portable greenhouse growing plants vegetables fruit herbs

Made of a sturdy steel frame, much like the others on this list, the Home- Complete Walk-in Greenhouse is durable enough for most rain, snow, and sleet that Mother Nature can throw its way. Windstorms can prove troublesome, so anchoring your setup is going to be a big priority, as with most small and portable greenhouses.

With all that in mind, the reviews and manufacturer details land the Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse on this list. A little bit of jerry-rigging never hurt anyone, and adding bits and pieces to this setup to help it fit your needs can help to make your setup all yours!

Overall verdict

While this product is one that may need a bit of imagination and tenacity to fit your exact needs, the Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse provides a positive and functional experience for any indoor or outdoor gardener looking for a flexible option. It’s design and customer support offer one of the best possible portability options on the market today.

Offers great heat retention
Stable construction
Space for multiple plants
Easy setup
Can be unstable in the severe wind, may need extra anchoring

What real owners say:

Works for me and survived the storm

“Perfect for the price.

“It’s big enough to hold all my plants that we need to protect for the winter

Buyers Guide- Greenhouse 101: What Makes a Good Greenhouse?

For a new at-home farmer looking for a portable option, the choices for greenhouses might be a little more limited to premade kits.

While it’s true that in some cases, a DIY solution can save money, it’s important to remember that premade kits offer materials specific to the intention of greenhouse use. Materials found at a local Lowe’s or Home Depot just might not cut it here.

In general, a lot of work, though, and science go into pre-made greenhouse kits.  These greenhouse kits can provide a great first-time experience with growing at home, but there are things to consider and look for when in the market for one.

It’s important to remember that as time progresses, the development of newer and more efficient technology becomes more available to the public, allowing for bigger and better greenhouse setups without the additional hassles of the classic in-ground enclosures.

As we touched on before, the material is going to be one of the biggest factors in the making of your portable greenhouse. Whether it’s going inside or is meant to be used outdoors, the makeup of your greenhouse should be sturdy, made of a breathable material, and promote happy and healthy plants for the next harvest season.

FAQ: Best Portable Greenhouse

Let’s take a closer look at some common questions that people ask when considering a mini popup portable greenhouse.

How can I add stability to my portable greenhouse?

Portable greenhouses are meant to be able to be moved around and collapsed, but that’s doesn’t mean that we want them to on their own! Adding sandbags to the inside of the greenhouse to weigh it down, adding stakes, jugs of water, or straps to the greenhouse will help keep it in place.

Can portable greenhouses be used for any kind of plant?

Greenhouses provide an environment you can change and edit to your plants’ needs. In short, you can make any portable greenhouse work for most kinds of plants given enough research and time!

What can I do for water management inside the greenhouse?

Water management inside a greenhouse can depend on the size of the structure. A larger greenhouse might benefit from a misting system or some kind of water collection plan, but mostly a portable greenhouse like this thrives with a weekly or bi-weekly watering by hand.

Are portable greenhouses any good?

Small Portable greenhouses are fantastic for many reasons. Firstly they are portable. Not everyone wants a permanent structure in their garden, sometimes a quick popup greenhouse is all that’s required. These mini greenhouses provide a place where temperature control and humidity levels can be different from the main greenhouse and therefore more suitable for plants with different growing conditions. They are also a perfect place to allow seedlings to develop and grow.

Do portable greenhouses work in winter?

Yes, portable greenhouses work great any time of the year. Controlling the growing temperature inside the portable greenhouse during the harsh cold winter months is a great way to keep growing plants that usually wouldn’t grow in cold conditions.

Will a portable greenhouse keep plants from freezing?

Portable greenhouses will add a layer of protection from the cold frosty weather and stop the plants from freezing.


All in all, if you’re in the market for a portable greenhouse with all the bells and whistles available to each setup, you might have a bit of a hard time settling on just one. By knowing your plants, your level of gardening, and your desired outcome when it comes time to harvest, the choice on which setup to get is made easier.

To summarize:

  • The Eagle Peak Portable Greenhouse: excels in the convenience factor, it offers a ton of really great benefits in the design.
  • The Quictent Portable Hot House: offers a large outdoor space for your planting needs.
  • The Eagle Peak Walk-in Greenhouse: is a smaller, more compact version that offers a great indoor greenhouse experience.
  • The Koksry Portable Greenhouse: is a good middle ground for both indoor and outdoor needs, though it may need a bit of extra anchoring!
  • The Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse: is a competitive indoor/outdoor space that can house a bunch of greenery.

With so many options, greenhouses have become a competitive market that aims to provide the best possible product to the most people in their niche. Be sure to leave detailed reviews when you make a purchase like this one, so that others may share in your joy, or avoid the heartbreak of greenhouse setups that did or didn’t work for you.

Happy planting!

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