How to Get Rid of Squirrels in a Shed

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Squirrels might move into your shed for many reasons. Most small animals are always looking for nice places to build nests and have babies, or a squirrel might also be using your shed for a home base to store food.

If you have noticed that you have squirrels living in your shed, you are probably well aware that you will probably want to make them leave before they damage the items that you are storing in the shed or make a large mess. Just like mice or rats, squirrels can build huge nests in the walls of your shed and can cause electrical damage or other issues.

Read on to find out what your options are for removing squirrels from your shed.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in a Shed

Before you consider any of the many ways in which you can get rid of squirrels in your shed, verify that there are no babies in the walls of the shed. There is nothing that is sadder than evicting the adult squirrels and then finding out that they have been forced to abandon their babies.

If there is a nest of babies, you will always want to wait until the babies have left before you take any action against your unwanted visitors. By the end of November, they will all have left and you will be able to fix the hole or gap in the wall that gave the squirrels access in the first place.

Do Nothing

This is the easiest method of ridding your shed of squirrels. Most squirrels will only stay in your shed while they are preparing for winter or raising babies. Once this phase of the season ends, they will likely move on.

If choose to wait for them to leave, you will want to squirrel proof your shed after they have gone and make sure that they won’t come back next year. This is the most humane way to deal with removing squirrels from your shed, and is usually the only humane choice if you have babies that are nested in the shed already.

Being a little bit patient can prevent a lot of hassle for you as the shed owner and squirrels only take up residence to build nests, so there is an end in sight!

How to Get Humanly Rid of Squirrels in a Shed


Squirrels pick dark and quiet places to have babies or store food items, so you remove these important factors from the mix, your squirrel friends will probably leave. They will not consider a bright, noisy, or smelly place a safe home. This is often the easiest way to make a squirrel decide to leave.

Ways to make your shed less friendly to squirrels is to add a strobe light, a noisemaker like a loud radio, or you could even hang bells and string lights on the walls. You will want to place these items as close to the squirrel’s den as possible without actually harming the squirrels or disrupting the den itself.

Onc such method involves a squirrel repellent like this one on Amazon, which blasts out ultrasounds and LED strobe lights to keep squirrels and other rodents away. This is a humane way at removing squirrels and keeping them away.

Lights in particular need to be located somewhere that will not cause too much heat or pose a risk for starting a fire in the shed. You will also want to be sure that you avoid having too many wires or cords near the squirrel den so they don’t chew them and cause a fire or hurt themselves.

Add Bad Smells

Squirrels have very sensitive noses, so adding a strong smell to the shed can help to make them choose to leave and live somewhere else. Apple Cider Vinegar is a good choice for this, or you can use ammonia. You can put these substances onto a towel that you place near the den, or in a plastic bag that you staple to the walls.

The other choice that is slightly messier, but can be far more effective, is to bag up some used kitty litter and hang it in a bag on the wall. Squirrels will consider the scent of the cat a threat to their welfare of the safety of their babies and will relocate.

The downside to most of these options is that the shed will smell bad for you, but bad smells can be a great way to deter squirrels. A little bit of discomfort for you can be the easiest way to remove the squirrels from your shed, and you can do a thorough clean-up once they have decided to move out.

Remove Food or Other Items That Can Attract Them

If you think that food items inside the shed are drawing the squirrels in, you will need to make an adjustment to your storage inside the shed. Remove anything like seeds or nuts that squirrels might be coming to your shed to eat.

If you have to keep items like this in the shed, you should lock them up in metal containers that the squirrels cannot get into. Metal containers will also block the smell of food sources, which makes it less likely for the squirrels to come back again once they have been encouraged to leave.

Once the delicious treats are removed from your shed, your squirrel friends will be far less likely to come there to stay. This policy of keeping food items locked up can also help you prevent other rodents from moving in. Rats and mice are much more difficult to get rid of than squirrels, so it’s always wise to make your shed less hospitable to any invading furry creatures.

Using Humane Squirrel Traps

Humane squirrel traps, like this one found on Amazon, can be a good solution for your problem if you want to catch the squirrels quickly and remove them to a new location away from your shed. Be sure that you are going to relocate them to an appropriate area, or take them to a rescue who can help find them a new home.

Never use poison in a live trap. There is no need to kill the squirrels you are trying to trap and you might also kill your neighbors’ cats or dog if they accidentally get into the trap and get stuck. You will also need to check the traps at least once a day. You don’t want to assume that you have not caught the squirrels and starve them to death.

It is important to know that squirrels do not do well when they have been trapped. Many of them die from fear or stress. This is usually not the best option if you intend to humanely remove the squirrels from your shed.

One Way Doors

Another option that is not the best one unless it’s a last resort, is a one-way door. If you make it impossible for the squirrels to get back out once they have come inside, you can catch them to remove them.

This is very stressful for them, however, and should be a last resort. All trapping of squirrels brings with it the risk of causing stress that could kill them.

Call a Removal Company

This is probably the easiest way to go if you want to remove squirrels from your shed quickly. Removal companies will cost you more money than a trap, but you will be able to be secure in the knowledge that the squirrels will not come to any harm.

Removal companies know how to get squirrels out of your shed without harming them. They will also have connections to make it possible to relocate the squirrels to an area that they can live without bothering your shed.

Always Be Humane

Being humane is very important when you are removing a pest from your shed. Using poisons can harm other animals as well as the squirrels. Killing pests that are just trying to keep their babies safe or build a nest in your shed is rarely the right solution.

Remember that you could poison other animals who find a poisoned squirrel and eat it. It is common to actually kill other pets and wildlife when you only meant to kill the squirrels. Choosing humane options is always the best way to go for a variety of reasons.

Always remember that squirrels don’t know that you don’t want them in your shed. They are just trying to build a nest or store food. You can’t blame them for doing what seems right to them, even if it inconveniences you.

Removing Squirrels from Your Shed is Mostly About Patience

Any time that you need to remove a pest from your shed, being patient is usually the best solution. If you want to save money and save the lives of the pests that you are trying to evict from your shed, patience is all that you need.

Using some ingenuity can make a big difference in the process of evicting the squirrels from your shed. Experimenting with lights, noises, and smells will yield the right combination of annoyances to make the squirrels move out. If you really need to remove the squirrels from your shed right away, you should always call a company to help you remove them.

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