Will a Shed Roof Support My Weight

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Maybe your shed roof needs repairs or maybe you are worried about the weight of snow on your shed roof? Whatever your reasons, one of the most important questions is to know Will a Shed Roof Support My Weight?

How much a shed roof can hold depends on the size and materials of the shed. The loading capacity for a typical shingled or wooden roof is anywhere around 15 pounds per square foot. A metal shed roof will likely hold around 27 pounds per square foot. A vinyl shed roof can’t hold too much weight.

This post will look at the load capacity of a shed roof, each material of the shed will be broken down to give you the best idea about If it can hold your weight and even the weight of snow. Keep reading to learn more

Will a Shed Roof Support My Weight

When some work is needed on a shed roof, a common question that gets asked is about how much load a shed roof can safely handle, could it safely support my weight?

Well, this will depend on a few factors.

  • Weight of you
  • Size of the shed
  • material of the shed
  • Any roof reinforcements on the shed

Let’s face it, if you are a very large guy standing on a small shed, chances are the shed roof will cave in.

Shed Roof

Even if you read this post, and determine that your shed will hold your weight, caution is still advised.

  • Vinyl sheds will hold the least amount of weight, and unless it has a joist, it probably won’t hold your weight.
  • Wooden sheds are stronger and will typically hold more weight, about 15lbs per sq ft
  • Metal sheds typically hold more weight, about 27 pounds per square foot.

Knowing how much each shed roof will typically hold, let’s consider the weight of a person:

If we take the example of a 10×10 wooden shed – that will equal 100 sq ft.

A typical wooden 10×10 shed will hold about 150lbs per sq ft

If you are 150lb, then you may get away with lying on the shed roof and distributing your weight evenly.

How much weight can a shed roof support

It really depends on the shed, the material it is made of, and any reinforcement that has been done to the shed roof.

As a general rule of thumb, wooden shed roofs will support around 15 pounds per square foot, while metal and clay tile roofs can support up to 27 pounds per square foot.

Vinyl sheds hold the least amount of weight and it’s not recommended to put your weight on its roof. However, if your vinyl shed roof has joists then it will be able to hold about 40lbs per square foot live load.

However, it is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid putting too much weight on any shed roof.

Can a shed roof support a person

woman on shed roof

It really depends on how much the person weighs and how big the shed is. If you are a very large person, it’s best to avoid putting your weight on a small shed roof as it could collapse.

Most wooden and metal sheds will support a person if they lie on the roof to distribute their weight.

Material of ShedSize of ShedArea of ShedMax Weight per Sq Ft
Vinyl Shed10ft x 10ft100 sq feet< 100 lbs
Vinyl Shed with Joist10ft x 10ft100 sq feet400 lbs
Wooden Shed10ft x 10ft100 sq feet150 lbs
Metal Shed10ft x 10ft100 sq feet270 lbs

10 x 10 – 100 sq ft wooden shed 150lbs | metal shed 270lbs | vinyl with joist 400lbs

How Much Snow Can a shed Roof Hold

The weight of snow is not as straightforward as you may think.

The weight of snow is determined by a few factors:

  • The moisture content of the snow
  • the ice content of the snow

But as a general guideline, the weight of snow is about 20 lbs per cubic foot.

snow on shed Roof

Can I stand on my shed roof

Most people probably don’t think about whether or not they can stand on their shed roof, but it’s actually an important question to consider. After all, you don’t want your shed roof to collapse under your weight and injure you.

It’s best to avoid standing on your shed, all your weight concentrated in one small area may be too much load for your shed to handle.

Some sheds, particularly metal and vinyl sheds with a joist may be able to handle you standing on the roof but I would always recommend distributing your weight by lying on the roof instead of standing on it.

If you have to get onto your roof, this is a much safer way to do it.

Final Thoughts

So, will a shed roof support my weight? While it may not be the best idea to hop onto your shed’s roof every time you need to make repairs or adjustments, there are ways to do it safely. Make sure to strategize your access points and invest in the proper equipment for safe construction.

Take these tips to heart the next time you find yourself walking on thin ice or on the roof of your shed. Monitoring the site and accurately examining the risks involved in climbing on top of your shed is essential when planning to improve your shed’s roof design or fix any recurring issues. Put your best foot forward, and keep yourself safe when modifying your shed’s roof.

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