Does a Shed Require a Building Permit

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If you’re considering adding a shed to your backyard, the first question you may ask is whether or not you need a building permit. The answer isn’t always clear-cut, but in most cases, a shed will fall under the same regulations as a garage or other outbuilding. To give you a quick summary, does a shed require a building permit?

In many cases, you will need to obtain a building permit to build a shed. The size and location of the shed will determine if you need a permit, and can often be found on your municipality’s website. In most cases, you can build a shed up to 100 square feet or 8×10 without needing planning permission.

The intended use of the shed, size, and placement will all determine what kind of permit you need. Keep reading for a detailed description of how building permits work for storage sheds and the costs and how to apply for one.

Does a Shed Require a Building Permit

In most cases, you will need a building permit to build a shed. The size and location of the shed will determine if you need a permit.

Some areas have specific regulations for sheds, so it’s important to check with your local government before you start construction.

building permit

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a permit, contact your local planning or zoning department. They will be able to tell you what is required and help you through the application process.

We all know it’s a hassle applying for permits and waiting around, but a shed adds value to the home, so it might be worth your time to spend some time obtaining the correct permits.

What is the biggest size shed without planning permission

In most cases, you can build a shed up to 100 square feet or an 8×10 without needing planning permission for a shed. However, this depends on your location and the specific regulations of your city.

You may also need to apply for permits if your shed will require plumbing or electrical installation in sheds.

Fines and penalties, or complaints could result from building a shed without planning permission. For the safest option, it is best to check with your city before beginning construction.

Simply, send your local planning authority drawings of the proposed shed, along with details of its size and location.

 large shed

Your local authority will then let you know if you need planning permission or not. If you do need planning permission, they will also give you information on the specific regulations that apply to your shed.

Things to Consider About Building Permits for Storage and Garden Sheds

Many people who are considering a shed will ask themselves, “does a shed require a building permit”? While the answer is yes for most shed and storage outhouses, there are also other things you will need to take into account.


Different states and areas have different requirements when it comes to zoning and building permits. For example, some areas with high winds might require your shed to be anchored. Also where on the property will need to be considered, for example, can you put a shed in the front yard


Some things that can vary about the placement of the shed are whether or not it is attached to the home or freestanding, how close it is to trees, fences, and other structures, and how close it is to other properties.


One of the major safety concerns about building sheds is that they can become airborne during extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or any storm with very high winds. The type of foundation and anchoring system required may be affected by the local weather conditions.

Another thing about the weather that can change how a shed needs to be built is the freezing level. The soil under the shed may reach a freezing temperature that causes the moisture to expand. This can offset the stability of the foundation or the shed and even destroy it.


A major, major factor to consider when it comes to whether or not you are going to need a building permit is how large the shed is going to be. Small storage sheds which are less than 100 square ft will usually not require a building permit, although this depends on the area still. The height of the structure is usually restricted more than the width.

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Homeowners Association

The local building codes and laws are not the only set of rules you must follow. If you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association you will also have to abide by their regulations.

They may require you to only build sheds in your backyard, they might not allow external storage buildings, or they may impose other restrictions. To avoid fines and arguments, it is best to always receive permission from the homeowners association before you begin any kind of construction.


light switched on

You may want to install electricity in the shed so that you can see with overhead lights, or so you can use the shed as a workspace. If you are planning on wiring electricity in the shed then you will need to receive permits to do so. Perhaps you want to turn a shed into a bedroom, if so then you’ll need to check with your local planning department.

Shed Type  

How you plan on using your new shed will also be a determining factor on whether or not it is allowed. If you are going to work out of your shed or even use it as a living space, then the area will need to be properly zoned as commercial or residential. This is a matter for the local zoning department.

They will need to send a building inspector to your property to evaluate the safety of the shed as a living space or a workspace. Using a shed as a workspace or living space without abiding by the zoning laws of the area could land you with a bunch of fees and penalties. Always be honest with the building inspector about the intended use of the shed is so that you can avoid any hiccups with the permit application process.


Sheds are usually stand-alone buildings, but they can also be attached to a home, garage, or other structure. There may be local restrictions on whether or not the shed can be attached to another building.


An important aspect of building a new shed that should not be ignored or forgotten is the foundation. The foundation itself may be restricted by a set of local rules or regulations. Large sheds typically need a concrete base, but other types of foundations include gravel, wood, and concrete blocks.

How Much Do Shed Permits Cost

If you’re looking to build a shed in your backyard, you may be wondering how much a permit costs. Shed permits can vary depending on your location but typically cost between $15 and $145.

Some areas have specific regulations for sheds, so it’s important to check with your local government before you start construction.

How To Apply For A Shed Permit

If you’re thinking about adding a shed to your property, you’ll need to apply for a permit first. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

1. Go to your local planning or zoning department and ask for a Shed Permit Application.

2. Fill out the application and make sure to include all the necessary information, such as the size and location of the shed.

3. Pay the application fee.

4. Wait for your permit to be approved.

Once you have your permit, make sure to follow all the regulations listed on it. And always consult a professional if you’re not sure how to proceed with your project.

What Are Zoning and Building Codes in regards to building a shed?

Zoning and building codes are regulations that control how the land can be used and the types of structures that can be built on it, for example building a large shed.

Zoning codes typically separate land into different use categories, such as residential, commercial, or industrial.

Building codes establish minimum standards for the design and construction of buildings.

Both zoning and building codes are intended to ensure that new development is safe and does not negatively impact the surrounding area.

When it comes to building a shed, you will need to check with your local zoning and building codes office to see what is allowed. You may need to get a permit or comply with specific regulations.

Building Permits for Sheds Made Easy

The easiest way to make sure that you are abiding by all of the local rules and regulations is by leaving the process up to the professionals. If you are buying a pre-made shed or hiring a contracting company to build a custom shed from scratch, then the company that is installing the shed should be knowledgeable and experienced on how zoning laws work in the area.

Make sure that you inform the building company or shed dealer about what you intend to use the shed for. If you tell them it is for storage, but you plan on using it as a workspace, they may not know that they need to get additional permits.

Be open and honest about what purpose the shed is going to be used for so that the professionals can cover all the bases for you. Ideally, they will handle the paperwork and inspection process and you will not have to do anything. If they want you to get the permits yourself, they should at least guide you through the process if they are a reputable shed dealer or builder.


So, Does a Shed Require a Building Permit? Small sheds up to 100 square feet or 8×10 may or may not require a building permit. A premade shed from a reputable shed dealer will guide you on whether or not you need one to install the shed that they sell you. If you are building your own shed then you will want to work with a local building inspector to make sure that you tie up any loose ends with the legality of building the structure.

Large sheds will almost always require a building permit. If you are going to live or work in the shed then it will need to be appropriately zoned for such. Make sure you are following all of the local permit and zoning laws for shed construction to protect the safety of you and your neighbors, and to protect yourself from unwanted fees and fines.

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